In this new age of smart technology, security systems like CCTV are a proven, reliable and superior choice when compared to DIY systems such as Ring-type cameras. While Ring and similar cameras have gained great popularity in recent years, there are many compelling reasons why CCTV systems remain the better and more stable option for those looking to safeguard their properties effectively.


Dedicated Network Infrastructure:
Most professional CCTV systems operate on their own separate and dedicated network infrastructure, therefore massively reducing the strain on the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi network. This separation always ensures that your Wi-Fi internet connection remains stable and reliable for all other essential tasks. DIY cameras like Ring, Nest and Arlo, to name a few, are Wi-Fi dependent and will consume a significant portion of your bandwidth, potentially causing problems with network congestion.

CCTV systems will have a much higher level of reliability when compared to any Ring/Nest type of camera, as all these types of systems rely on a Wi-Fi connection and cloud-based storage. In comparison, all CCTV systems will utilise hardwired connections. Although hardwiring may seem cumbersome in the first instance, it will reduce the risk of signal disruptions or any attempts to hack into the system. This means your CCTV system will continue to function even during internet outages or interference.

Powering Of Devices:
Installed CCTV cameras, take their power through the cable from the main recording device (NVR) via POE – Power Over Ethernet. DIY systems are nearly always utilising batteries to power the cameras. Although the batteries may have a good ability to hold power to start with, the energy retained in them will inevitably deplete over time. This will mean that they will need monitoring and repeatedly charging, when necessary, the frequency of which will go up during the colder winter months.

Local Storage:
CCTV systems will store the footage from all cameras locally within a hard disc drive (HDD) installed inside a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder). This provides you with much greater control over your data and eliminates any concerns about a third party accessing your footage. Ring-type cameras only store video clips in the cloud, often raising concerns about the security of the data and the risks of possible breaches.

Higher Video Quality:
Professional CCTV systems often provide much higher video quality compared to most DIY options. They will always support higher resolution cameras (up to 12 megapixels), more advanced lenses for daytime & nighttime viewing and will be equipped with advanced video compression technology. This means that you will consistently achieve clearer and more detailed footage for much longer periods of time.

Advanced Features:
Professional CCTV systems often come with advanced features like vehicle/people detection algorithms, intelligent analytics, such as missing object detection, and facial recognition. These Artificial Intelligence features allow the system to send real-time alerts when specific events occur. DIY cameras don’t offer as many options when it comes to advanced features.

Professionally installed CCTV systems will offer a more cost-effective solution for your long-term security requirements. While DIY Ring-type cameras will have lower upfront costs, subscription fees for the cloud storage and any additional features all add up over time. With CCTV, you have more control over your expenses, as there are no ongoing subscription fees for basic recording or storage.

Customised Systems:
CCTV systems are more customisable than DIY systems, they will allow you to choose different types/styles of cameras, along with a vast range of lenses, to better suit the area being monitored.


To conclude, DIY systems do have their benefits and will always be a popular choice for many home & business owners. However, CCTV systems will always remain superior in terms of coverage, reliability, privacy, local storage, cost-effectiveness, customisation, durability, and integration. Choosing the right security solution depends on your specific needs and priorities, but for those seeking a robust and reliable surveillance system, CCTV remains the best choice.


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