CCTV For Schools

As crime rates are on the rise, it’s no surprise that schools across the UK are now installing CCTV cameras for the safety of both students and staff. Many schools around the UK have now invested in surveillance systems to prevent a number of issues from occurring on the property.

Here are a number of benefits as to why CCTV should be installed in schools:

Reducing Crime Among Students

CCTV is bound to reduce the amount of criminal activity from both students and outsiders. Without supervision from members of staff, students are far more likely to misbehave, which can be prevented with the use of CCTV cameras. Likewise, schools are also at risk of burglary due to the large number of technological devices such as laptops, computers and whiteboards. Allowing cameras to be visible and noting that 24-hour surveillance is in operation may reduce such crimes.

Keeping Watch on Corridors

Bustling corridors in between classes is where the majority of bullying cases occur. While many incidents are minor and may not need to be followed up, there is the risk of more serious matters occurring in which evidence may be required. CCTV footage will give you all the information you need to settle a case between two parties.

Protecting Staff and Visitor Vehicles

It may be an option to install CCTV cameras within the car park to protect the cars of staff and visitors. Due to the fact that the car park is likely to be deserted for the majority of the day, it will be hard to determine who is responsible for any vandalism or other criminal activity which may occur.

Visitor Monitoring

It’s very easy to walk straight into the main reception of a school, so keeping watch on exactly who is entering and exiting the building is now becoming a major concern. Placing cameras at the main entrances and exits will keep pupils and staff safe from any unauthorised visitors who shouldn’t be on the property and such individuals can be dealt with before any harm is caused.

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