Are you currently trying to decide whether to upgrade your business’ CCTV system? If you’ve relied on one set of cameras and one footage storage system for a long time, you may be hesitant to abandon your current setup. This is completely understandable. After all, you may feel confident about using and relying on your current system. However, it’s important to accept that any system can become outdated. It’s equally important to replace or upgrade it when this happens. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of signs that it’s time to upgrade your system to a more modern, HD option.

  1. Difficulty identifying individuals who are caught on camera

Older CCTV cameras often record images with very poor resolution. This can make it difficult to identify individuals, even if they are caught on camera. Poor resolution often makes it impossible to distinguish facial features and other characteristics that might otherwise help to identify someone. If you can’t always see individuals very clearly using your current CCTV system, it’s time to upgrade it. Remember: CCTV cameras can only be used to catch criminals and intruders if they can be used to identify them. Luckily, modern CCTV systems (such as the ones we provide) offer an incredible resolution.

  1. Unreliable recording

Particularly old cameras and CCTV systems can eventually become faulty. For example, you may notice that your cameras aren’t recording when they’re supposed to, or that they are producing distorted, unusable footage. If this starts to happen, it’s imperative that you either replace or upgrade your CCTV system immediately. Modern CCTV systems are very sturdy and reliable: they aren’t likely to suffer from similar problems, even if you keep them for years.

  1. Storage issues

Old CCTV systems might record footage onto discs or even VHS tapes. These obviously take up a lot of space. Modern systems can record onto much more efficient storage devices or store footage in the cloud. If you’re having difficulty storing footage, it’s time to consider upgrading or replacing your current system.

Here at I-HT, we offer an enormous range of HD CCTV systems for businesses. If it’s time to retire your current, non-HD system, get in touch with us today.