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Hidden cameras and covert cameras blend into any environment. Despite their sometimes sinister reputation and lack of visual deterrent, they can be a useful part of any security system. Many business owners rely on covert cameras to provide additional security and complement an existing CCTV security system.

Undetectable HD CCTV surveillance systems are especially important if you want to capture suspects in the act. They are most commonly used to monitor employee behaviour, deter vandalism and theft and improve safety.

If you want your CCTV to be discrete, these are the top places to conceal a CCTV camera:

  1. Plant pots make a great option and usually have a decent amount of space in the bottom to accommodate the device. Remember to cover the equipment with a waterproof bag so as not to get water damage.
  2. Smoke detectors or overhead sprinklers can be used to hide a ceiling-mounted camera and will provide a wide-angle view of the entire area to be surveyed.
  3. A bookcase or office shelf is one of the most popular solutions for security cameras. You can often hide a camera in the space behind two volumes.
  4. A tissue box is a perfect hiding place if you want to keep a camera on a desk or counter. It is also a good solution if you want a portable option. Remove some of the contents and make a small viewing hole in the box.
  5. A picture frame or wall clock works well to hide a device. Usually located at a height, they can effectively cover a whole room or warehouse and can capture anyone entering the area.
  6. Warehouses and storage rooms are not immune to thieves, and cameras can be disguised in an emergency light, electrical box or any electrical equipment. Speakers and air conditioning ducts are the most common places and cameras hidden in these hiding places are most likely to be detected, preventing managers from keeping a close eye on staff and visitors.

Covert hidden cameras should only be used if a business owner suspects a specific crime, such as theft, and intends to involve the police. Otherwise, secret monitoring could be an unlawful infringement of a worker’s human rights in the workplace. Contact us today to find out more.

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