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Security is increasingly becoming the watchword for SMEs and the use of HD CCTV is becoming more and more popular. There may be a bit of a learning curve for first-time users, however, so our experts have listed the top three most common mistakes when using HD CCTV system that you must avoid to get the most out of your cameras.

Choosing the low-priced systems

Assuming that the obvious placement of your HD CCTV doesn’t provide a deterrent for thieves and criminals, any footage gained by your HD CCTV system needs to be usable. Inexpensive systems may help to lower your security budget, but run the risk of being unhelpful in identifying individuals if they have a low resolution. Understand what your needs and goals are and select a system that provides all the requirements that are necessary for your business. Cheaper systems may help to more easily balance your budget, but will be a total waste of money if they don’t help to provide the necessary levels of security.

Concealing your cameras

It is a common mistake for first times users to hide their CCTV cameras in the hope of secretly recording footage. However, by concealing your cameras the deterrent factor of being recorded is completely removed. Concealing cameras may allow you to observe people, but HD CCTV works effectively as a deterrent against crime, violence and other illegal activities. Due to the new GDPR polices, all places recording personal data via HD CCTV are required to clearly state this, meaning you may be inadvertently breaking the law by concealing and not informing people about your cameras.

Positioning your cameras outside the wireless range

Increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to use a wireless HD CCTV system because of the wide range of benefits they give above traditional wired systems. However, when using these systems, it is vital that they are positioned within your wireless range. Placing the cameras beyond the limit of this range is likely to affect feedback, to the point that the system cannot receive or record images. Every system works differently so the specifications of each system must be thoroughly investigated to ensure they meet your business needs. In addition, it is important to test the system before permanently installing the cameras in set locations to verify their positioning works for the system as a whole.

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