types of cctv camera

One of the bonuses of having live CCTV cameras is that it allows the user total control and flexibility as to when and where they monitor their surveillance cameras. Remote management offers live monitoring and playback so if an incident or event occurs it enables you to take immediate action.

Wired CCTV Systems

Wired CCTV systems are suitable for a permanent set-up, usually for one location or building that requires constant monitoring. Most fully integrated wired CCTV systems comprise of internal and external cameras with infrared capabilities for night vision, a recorder with 30 days storage and a monitor and an internet connection via land line or a 4G connection.

Wireless CCTV Systems

Wireless CCTV systems enable you have cameras connected to separate buildings or remote buildings. These can also work over distances of up to 7 kilometres with line of sight.

This can avoid the inconvenience and cost of digging trenches, avoid catenary wires in places that could be knocked by high sided vehicles, or situations where a road needs to be crossed

Night-Vision Cameras

Night-Vision Cameras have automatically retractable infrared cut filters for night-vision, making them suitable for low light areas and not just for use at night time. The night vision image will be in black and white for improved contrast and image detailing but these cameras switch back to colour in higher levels of light.


HD CCTV (4K) is configured so that the video feed is sent directly from the cameras to the recorder without having to compress and compromise the image quality. HD cameras deliver video based on a format that the HD TV broadcasting stations use which means HD CCTV is able to deliver higher resolution images. 4K HDCVI ultra-high-resolution cameras are ideal for capturing video in scenes that require fine details. With the ability to digitally zoom, details are maintained at further distances.

HD CCTV is also viewable via phone or tablet and gives instant access to view remotely. Couple this with a high quality, simple digital recorder and monitor in your home, office or any occupied area and you have a very economic and powerful security solution.

Remote Viewing

I-HT Ltd offer a full range of internal and external live CCTV cameras that can be networked via a local area network or via an internet connection, allowing them to be viewed and monitored remotely on either a PC, iPad, iPhone, or any suitable smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world!

This means that as a user you can get remote access to monitor your live CCTV cameras and recorded footage over the internet which can be utilised to make sure staff are on-time and working throughout their shift, or to monitor health and safety practices for example.

It can also give protection for any “lone workers” on site, giving them peace of mind that someone is checking on their well-being. We can offer you a fully installed, cost effective live CCTV system that you can monitor via standard broadband connection or 4G router

All our DVR’s (digital video recorders) come with remote manager software so that your CCTV images can be monitored live or stored for viewing later. The CCTV systems we supply use data compression software to provide real time viewing and we fully install, connect and set-up your internet connection, ensuring that you can gain access via the web instantly.

Even if you do not have an internet connection, we can set a CCTV system up using a 4G connection so you can view on any designated PC, smart phone or tablet. A simple App can be downloaded so you can monitor your surveillance cameras 24/7.

Camera Housing

There are a number of different camera housings This enables the cameras to be discreet or obvious, and also be tough against attempted vandalism. Bullet, Dome, TurretandVandal.

Covert Cameras

Covert Cameras look like other items such as an internal PIR (presence detector) or smoke detector and offer recordings without anyone knowing.

Camera Views

Camera lens come in various sizes and vario flexibility, so these are selected to meet your needs: Wide angle, Narrow Angle, Long Distance andClose up.

It’s a lot to take in. We can talk you through the best options to suit your needs and explain how they can work for you. Contact our team today on 01787 220202 or email info@i-ht.co.uk to book a free no-obligation CCTV demonstration.