There can be no denying that an HD CCTV system works as a deterrent – and on the rare occasion that it doesn’t, you can be safe in the knowledge that any evidence collected by your cameras can be used to support a prosecution. Put simply, no business should be without a high-quality security system to protect its premises and livelihood.

But did you know that there are several features inbuilt into many HD CCTV systems that can enhance image quality and give you an even clearer picture of things? Let’s look at some of the most commonly-used image enhancement options below:

Automatic white balance

Often abbreviated by some systems to AWB, this feature will automatically adjust the colour temperature of the image to match the light available, making colours appear as natural as possible. This setting is useful in areas where there is little or no natural light.

Automatic exposure

This feature helps your system to perform better in low-light situations. When activated, AE will automatically detect the level of light and maintain a clear, consistent picture based on light level.

Automatic gain control

For even better performance in low-light conditions, automatic gain control can be increased from the standard setting (16db) all the way up to 26db. This helps to make the overall picture brighter and is particularly useful for dark outdoor areas, basements and cellars. However, care should be taken not to go to extremes with this setting, as it may add more noise to the picture, because it works by amplifying all video signal aspects.

Backlight compensation

Backlight compensation, or BLC, helps to make objects positioned in front of a bright scene to appear much clearer. This setting is useful for rooms with a large source of natural light, such as windows or doors. Most high definition closed-circuit television systems feature a dip switch, and, when activated, this will make objects in front of light sources much clearer. Back light compensation comes in particularly handy on sunny days, when natural light can obscure the view of certain areas of the room.

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