CCTV Alerts On Phone


Introducing the unmanned site monitoring solution, the feature which detects and alerts of any intruders within or approaching an unguarded site.

Firstly, let’s picture a scenario without the unmanned site monitoring solution…

A vehicle drives into a restricted facility, with no means to detect or alert of their presence. The car parks up and the driver simply enters the site. That’s not safe in any way shape or form.

But with the Unmanned Site Monitoring Solution…

Now let’s go back and install our solution. When the vehicle approaches this time, sophisticated AI technology will immediately detect its presence and notify you of the vehicle. The solution then allows you to either trigger an alarm or talk directly to the intruder through the DMSS app. The vehicle is notified and leaves the facility.

Our solution allowed you to see everything that went on at the exact moment it happened!

The intelligent smart features are also useful in allowing the solution to distinguish between vehicles and people in order to best suit your facility – and that’s the unmanned sight monitoring solution.

CCTV Alerts Mobile Phone

CCTV Alerts On Phone

One of the most convenient features about this system is the alerts sent directly to your phone. This allows you to protect your property 24/7, without spending a fortune on security guards working round the clock.

It also means you don’t have to rely on someone else to make judgement calls on your business, as no one will care as much about your business as you do.

Want a smart CCTV solution for your business?

This has been proven to drastically improve security across many business sectors including equestrian, farm, social housing, public housing, sheltered housing, housing association, construction, property management, women’s refuge, horse stables and more

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