Data Servers

In the modern business landscape, the most important asset that your company has is data. You probably store data about your business strategies, your profit margins and even your customers. Obviously, it’s important to protect this information. This can be partially achieved using cyber-security measures, such as encryption and firewalls. However, it’s important to remember that the devices your data is stored on exist in the real world. You need to protect your servers and offline storage devices physically. HD CCTV cameras can help you achieve this. In today’s blog, we’ll look at why you should use HD CCTV to monitor premises where you keep servers and other data storage devices.

CCTV Can Catch Unconventional Data-Criminals

Most hackers and data thieves will attempt to steal a business’s data by hacking into their servers from offsite. However, some may try to circumvent a business’s cyber-security measures by simply breaking into its premises and physically accessing its servers. However, data criminals who use this methodology may not expect to have to deal with advanced physical security measures. If your business is targeted by these individuals, you stand a good chance of catching them out by deploying discreet HD CCTV cameras to spot (then stop) their break-in attempts.

CCTV Can Protect Your Servers in a Cost-effective Way

You might invest in reinforced fencing and other significant measures to protect physical assets, but you probably wouldn’t deploy such comprehensive physical security solutions to protect data. After all, as we alluded to above, data is more likely to be threatened by hacking methods than physical intrusions. It makes sense to spend more money on cyber-security than physical security. However, you still can’t leave your servers unprotected. HD CCTV cameras are a very cost-effective security measure. By monitoring your server premises using CCTV, you can keep your data safe in the real world while still leaving most of your security budget for cyber-security.

CCTV Cameras are a Powerful Deterrent

Professional hackers and data thieves aren’t the only people who might attack your servers: vandals and other petty criminals might try to damage them for amusement rather than profit. Luckily, the sight of an active HD CCTV camera usually deters these individuals. CCTV is the best way to protect your server premises from petty crooks as well as serious threats.

Working With I-HT

Here at I-HT, we understand that not all businesses maintain their own server premises in order to store data. However, if you run a business that does keep its own servers on a separate site or premises, you need to defend that site physically. We believe that CCTV is one of the best ways to do this, so why not check out our range of HD CCTV systems today.