If you’re thinking about installing a new CCTV system, or upgrading your existing system, then you may be thinking about choosing a HD system. But what exactly is HD CCTV, and what are the benefits?

CCTV went digital some years ago. Digital sensors record the images, but until recently these images were converted to analogue and transmitted to the recording device via regular coaxial cable. At the other end, the signal was converted back to digital and recorded on a DVR or similar, but the conversion process meant that the image quality suffered. In a typical system, the recorded image was only about 75% of the quality of the recorded version.

Now technology has moved on, and newer HD CCTV systems are being integrated with computer networks. Digital security cameras now send their signals, still in digital format, to video management software (VMS) that stores the footage on a network video recorder (NVR). HD cameras have incredible image qualities, up to 20 times the resolution of those analogue cameras and, because there is no conversion of the image data, the images that you store can be as high quality as possible.

What this means for businesses is that you can now see more with fewer cameras. A single camera will now show detail that simply wasn’t visible before, so rather than needing two cameras, close to a location, you can now use just one at a greater distance and still not miss a thing.

All of this makes your CCTV more effective. Crisp, digital images leave less room for doubt if incidents need to be reviewed, and high quality images make identification of employees or visitors to your site a breeze.

Lastly, because your footage is now stored on a networked computer it can be accessed from off-site. Logging into your security system remotely means that your premises are always protected, even when there’s no one on site.

CCTV prevents crime, and encourages your employees to stick to health and safety procedures. With HD CCTV technology available to everyone, there’s no better time to invest in a system that gives you the very best quality images. Contact us today for more information.