Taking the wise precaution of installing a CCTV system is a good move for any business, with benefits from security to lower insurance premiums, but it is vital to keep on top of maintenance.

For too many users, a ‘fit and forget’ approach can see them caught out further down the line, and renders all that investment in new systems useless. Let’s take a look at why maintenance is so important for HD CCTV systems.

Upgrading or Replacing Component to Maintain Picture Quality

CCTV systems and the cameras they maintain can be extremely complex and delicate, with a variety of points of failure that must be managed to ensure they work at full capacity. In the event of an incident, the quality of the image returned can be a huge part of securing a conviction or identifying the culprit, and without that you may not succeed.

Having an inspection at least once a year can help guarantee that the cameras themselves are in working order, and that the wires and storage systems are up to scratch, and won’t let you down at a crucial moment.

Smaller Details Can Go Wrong Overtime

While maintaining the physical infrastructure may seem obvious, problems can occur with elements beyond the cameras and wiring. The workings of the cameras’ internal components such as the focusing and the lens quality can become compromised, leading to a failure in the security systems.

Beyond that, the storage systems can also fail if the recording quality isn’t high enough, there’s not enough space in the memory, or the time and date clocks are wrong (meaning you can’t prove when an incident took place).

Ensure it Never Goes Down and Get Unrivalled Support

By opting for CCTV maintenance cover, you can buy peace of mind, and ensure that your new CCTV system is fit for purpose well into the future. It’s also important to consider your business needs on a 24 hour basis: freak weather, power cuts and damage don’t keep office hours, so having an option to call out and receive telephone advice can mean the difference between safety and disaster for your company.

If you wouldn’t leave your premises unprotected, why let your security system be the weak link? By opting for a maintenance plan, you can ensure that somebody has your back in the event that the first line of defence fails.

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