If you have purchased any of our security cameras, whether it is for home, business or an outside area, we recommend you contact us to download our remote access app. This allows you to view live and recorded camera footage from your computer, smartphone or tablet so that you can still be hundreds of miles away and know that everything is as it should be.

Even if you are on-site every day, the remote access app can help you to be in all places at all times, allowing you to check on your premises, your staff, or maybe even your children in the next room! It is an invaluable tool that is included in your purchase, and so it makes sense to utilise it.

The biggest benefit for business of having remote access to your HD CCTV is that it will save you money if 24-hour surveillance is essential. The costs associated with employing someone to sit and watch the cameras are reduced, as there is no need to have someone on-site. Remote access is particularly essential if your business involves high-value goods, medicines or large volumes of cash since these are particularly attractive targets for thieves.

If you are nervous about possible break-ins at your home while you are away on business or holidays, you will also appreciate the extra protection that comes with HD CCTV. The remote access app means you can check-in at any time and see that your home is safe. It might also come in handy if you have hired a pet-sitter to come to your home, as they can look to make sure their treasured family member is happy and cared for while they are away. New parents might also like to keep an eye on their baby while they take a well-earned break and leave their bundle of joy with a sitter for a few hours.

Few people will view the app every moment of the day, but the ability to record and rewind means that if anything did go wrong, it would be caught on camera and could be used as evidence if needed. Despite our competitive prices, you cannot put a price on peace of mind.