When running a business with a fleet of vehicles, keeping track of them, keeping them in good condition and keeping them under lock and key can be difficult simply because of the logistics involved. When they’re back at the yard, however, you should know that they are safe and protected. The nature of company parking, however, is that it is usually tucked away out of sight and relatively unprotected even though each vehicle is worth tens of thousands of pounds. Here we explore why you should cover your fleet vehicles with HD CCTV when they’re parked in the yard.

Discourage theft of vehicles

The theft of fleet vehicles and vans is massive in the UK and criminals will happily break into an uncovered yard to steal a van that can later be used in other crimes. This theft, while covered on your insurance, could cost you a huge amount in increased premiums and trade losses. Discourage it with a HD CCTV camera and the criminals will likely look elsewhere for a van to steal.

Discourage petty theft attempts

Even if you keep nothing in your fleet vehicles overnight, petty criminals won’t hesitate to break open a whole fleet of vans looking for some tools or goods they can fence. Even if you lose nothing from inside the vans, repairing the damage to 10 or 20 locks that have been punched out will put your vehicles off the road and cost you masses in lost income while they’re fixed.

Discourage vandalism

Another risk to unattended fleet vehicles is vandalism, which is usually by local teenagers. Installing HD CCTV will discourage them from smashing windows, letting down tyres and spray painting obscenities on the side of your vans. These crimes are thoughtless but they’ll think twice before doing it if they see cameras looking down on the fleet.

Capture useful footage

While cameras will mostly discourage acts of vandalism, theft and petty theft, there will be cases when determined criminals will carry on regardless. In these cases you need your CCTV to be HD CCTV so you have the best possible chance of catching the person or people who interfered with your fleet.

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