CCTV Camera

CCTV systems are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. For example, many modern systems are able to store data securely in the cloud or on dedicated servers, while some others use motion sensors to capture the most relevant footage possible. However, the most important innovation in the world of CCTV is the also the simplest. As you may have guessed, we’re referring to the use of HD images. Many businesses still use standard-definition CCTV cameras, but here at I-HT, we firmly believe that high-definition cameras are essential for modern enterprises. HD cameras produce crisper, more detailed images than SD cameras. In today’s blog, we’ll explain why this is so important.

Identifying intruders

CCTV cameras are your business’s first line of defence against intruders and criminals. Obviously, even standard-definition cameras can spot potential intruders before they try to enter your premises. However, only HD ones can be used to reliably identify specific individuals who might try to gain access to your premises illegally. Opting for HD cameras over SD cameras enables you to differentiate between suspicious individuals who might be loitering near your premises, thereby enabling you to accurately judge the threat-level and take appropriate precautions.

Tracking and prosecuting criminals

If someone does break into your property, it’s important that you are able to bring them to justice. Because HD CCTV footage is clearer than SD CCTV footage, the authorities can use it to find criminals more easily. Once an intruder has been apprehended, it can also be deployed as evidence in a court of law more reliably.

Creating a deterrent

Criminals and other intruders are aware that HD CCTV is more effective that SD CCTV. As a result, HD CCTV cameras are much more effective as deterrents. Put simply, criminals are more likely to target businesses and organisations that are only protected by standard-definition CCTV than those that are protected by top-quality HD CCTV cameras.

If you’re serious about protecting your business, we believe that a HD CCTV system is the only viable option. Don’t opt for cheaper, less useful SD cameras: HD CCTV can protect you far more effectively.