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CCTV: Why does my business need it?

Are you debating whether or not to invest in HD CCTV for your business? Then read on. More ...
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Is your CCTV compliant with new laws?

Sourcing, installing and maintaining HD CCTV equipment makes financial sense to protect your business, but the biggest cost ...
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Minimising your CCTV costs in three easy steps

Here at I-HT, we understand that the cost of installing and running CCTV can seem a little daunting, ...
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Safeguard your property with HD CCTV

We've all seen the grainy images taken from CCTV that are released by the police when they need ...
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How HD CCTV can transform social care

In recent years, there has been a great deal of negative publicity relating to community-based healthcare services. Issues ...
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Unexpected benefits of CCTV

When most people think of CCTV, they think in terms of security. Well-placed cameras are a boon to ...
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Making the most of CCTV

Here at I-HT, we aim to provide businesses with the best CCTV technology available. We like to think ...
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The top places to conceal a CCTV camera

Hidden cameras and covert cameras blend into any environment. Despite their sometimes sinister reputation and lack of visual ...
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Why choose HD CCTV?

If you're thinking about installing a new CCTV system, or upgrading your existing system, then you may be ...
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The top 5 benefits of CCTV for your business

CCTV is everywhere. In shops and stores, on public transport and in the street, CCTV provides a valuable ...
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